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New Zealand Immigration Advisers

Many people from around the world are now considering a move to New Zealand. Whether you decide to relocate to one of the main centres of Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch; or decide to settle in one of the smaller centres; NZ offers a lifestyle second to none.

There are many reasons that people choose to immigrate to New Zealand. It may be that:

  • You are relocating due to an international transfer in your company
  • You feel living in New Zealand would offer you a better working environment
  • You may even be thinking about moving your family to a safer environment.

Whatever the reasons you have for migrating, we are here to help with all stages of the visa process with the New Zealand Immigration Service. Paragon International has the resources to assist with all areas of your relocation needs. We are committed to making the immigration process as easy as possible, from the time the initial visa application is made through to your arrival here in New Zealand. We are also here to assist with on-shore applications, including visitor visa's, work visa's, partnership visa's and residence applications. If you are serious about coming to New Zealand or staying in New Zealand, we invite you to contact us to arrange a meeting so we can assess your individual situation.

Meet Our Advisers

Carla Grant - Licensed Immigration Adviser


Managing Director & Lead Adviser


Licence Number: 200901281

Carla has over 15 years experience in providing immigration advice. She specialises in family based applications and appeals.

Dennis Griffin - Licensed Immigration Adviser


Business & Operations Manager


Licence Number: 201200130

Dennis has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing, including 8 years as an international business consultant.
As a licensed adviser Dennis specialises in work visa’s and permanent residence (skilled migration). Known for his humour with clients, Dennis is also an internationally certified life coach. He works closely with his clients to help them achieve their long term goals.

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